When sport can change a life


The humanitarian organisation, World Vision International, wanted to showcase their work with Syrian refugee children in Jordan. Daniel identified the unique and inspiring story of a young refugee girl who had found hope in World Vision’s karate classes.


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World Vision International




Under the unforgiving sun in Jordan’s barren desert, 36,000 people seek shelter at Azraq Refugee Camp from Syria’s eight-year conflict.

But in the midst of a lifeless desert, springs an oasis of hope through an unlikely programme that seeks to empower young girls through karate.

Twelve-year-old Malik has attended World Vision’s karate lessons at Azraq for one year. Her eyes light up as she describes her favourite part of the day.

“Life in the camp is difficult but when I started doing karate lessons, life became so much better and now I enjoy every day,” says Malik. “As soon as I finish school, I run to the sports field. When I’m doing karate, I feel so happy. Sometimes we drag our instructor out of her office and make her teach us more.”